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"By Hook or by Crook"

"By Hook or by Crook"

The Hook Lighthouse is the oldest operating lighthouse in the world. The current structure was built around 1240 AD to protect ships the treacherous waters around the peninsula and there are approx 36 shipwrecks dating back to Cromwellian times at the bottom of this sea bed.

It also holds its place in the English language and the expression "By Hook or by Crook" was first coined by Oliver Cromwell in reference to his invasion of Ireland. Cromwell planned to invade either by the "Hook" Peninsula in Wexford or "Crook"haven in county Cork.

He eventually settled on the "Hook" option in 1649 and so continued another 300 years of oppression for the Irish. It was Cromwell who also introduced the infamous Penal Laws in Ireland, which was a direct attempt to eliminate the Irish language, culture and customs. I think its fair to say he underestimated the will of the Irish people as all thee are still alive and well today. So there you have it, a little history and a little art.

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