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Sean Curran

Founded in 1852 as a boarding school for boys, Newbridge College is now a co-educational school. Situated on either side of the River Liffey on the North side of Newbridge, it is also a great homestead for rugby in Ireland...
As an artist I don't like to "pigeon hole" myself with being able to paint only one type of subject, for example just painting buildings or seascapes. I like to push myself out of my comfort zone every chance I get. After all, its still just paper and paint your working with. This is the main reason..
Here's a painting I recently created, it depicts a typical Irish rural scene of a farmer at the end of a cold autumn day, leading his dairy cattle home for the evening.There's a damp chill in the air and the farmer walks, his collar pulled up to keep the cold from his neck. Red, orange and yellow le..
The east pier in Dun Laoghaire is a famous spot walkers of all ages. In my earlier days it was where my myself and my wife use to go quiet regularly, when we were engaged....mainly because it was a free night out, a very important factor for a young couple saving to get married! And the reward ..
I grew up in a small village called Rathcoole, in the parish of Saggart, County Dublin and the home of St. Mary's Gaelic Football Club. It was with this club that I played for nearly 10 years and made some of the most enduring friendships of my life. A small community during my childhood, ..
 On the Southside of Dublin's coastline lies the beautiful little suburb called Sandycove and it's here that James Joyce lived for a short time. The story goes that Oliver St John Gogarty lived in this Martello Tower well before him and that Joyce moved in with Gogarty after fork..
While in the south of France on my holiday a number of years ago I came across the most beautiful field of sunflowers bathed in the midday sun and only one person came to mind.... Vincent Van Gough. I can only hope I have done him justice...
Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin. Built approx 1,000 years ago, this scene is taken looking up from Dame Street, a view I often thought overlooked by many artists and creates a great perspective for painting.The Cathedral is the oldest working structure in Dublin and house's a very rare copy of the 14..
This is a painting of one my favourite "watering hole's" here in my hometown of Naas....Hayden's Pub. I have always found it a great place to trip a long for a pint as it still maintains the genuine feel and atmosphere of a "real" Irish pub. The ambiance, the atmosphere and the great friendly staff ..
Abbey Bridge, Naas Canal Original Painting
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I have had a number of requests from lots of people, since last years Naas Christmas fair, to pick this scene for a painting. I guess with lockdown and the weekly pedestrianisation of the canal walk, this image has become a very special to many of you.I hope you think I have done it proud...
This is the last of my four paintings to add to the "Dublin Clocks" set. It's the clock that adorns the Eason building on O'Connell Street in Dublin and for book lovers, probably the most important building in the city. Eason has long been the largest book shop in the capital and is an Aladdin'..
Original Painting - "A Winters Chill"
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In March 2018 we experienced one of the heaviest snowfalls ever experienced in Ireland when Storm Emma hit our shores, it also produced this wonderful scene of the Ha'penny Bridge. I just loved the the warmth created by the three yellow street lights in the distance and how the famous pedest..
"Leinster Mills, Naas, Co. Kildare" "Leinster Mills, Naas, Co. Kildare"
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This is my painting of the old Leinster Mill located in Naas, County Kildare.. This mill was originally built in 1790 to coincide with the opening of the "new" Naas branch of the Grand Canal and was run by the Odlum family for nearly 200 years, for the process and milling of various types of wheat a..
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