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Four Courts Dublin

Posted by Sean 15/09/2015 2 Comment(s) Paintings,

I have been asked recently by a number of my Facebook friends if I could post pictures of one of my paintings in the various stages of progression, so that they might see how a watercolour comes together. 
So here goes….. this is a painting of a very famous Dublin landmark, The Four Courts. I am currently about one third of the way through this picture and I picked the time of day to be sunrise in order to catch how the warm glow of the rising sun illuminates the beautiful dome of this building. As you can see I always keep a strip of white paper at the side of the painting, I use this to test colours and intensity of colour before I use it.
I will post a couple more of this subject as I get through it…..hope you like it.

2 Comment(s)

Ervyn Nixon:
02/12/2016, 08:07:20 AM

Just picked up your site and work from a comment on my friend Fergus Ryan's page - abs to be mentioned by hijacked is amazing! Had a look at site and your work is amazing. I have just cooke a little water colour and love the medium. I must say your work is the quality you'd only see in the lake district! I must go to Trafford and see more! I'd like to get back to it not that I'm officially retired! This is real art - nit modern rubbish! Well done! No one knows how difficult water is!

Mervyn Nixon:
02/12/2016, 08:10:23 AM

Forgot to proof that post! Looks ridiculous! Hijacked should read 'him' Cooke should be 'done' Trafford should be Trax!

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