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"Leinster Mills, Naas, Co. Kildare"

New "Leinster Mills, Naas, Co. Kildare"

This is my painting of the old Leinster Mill located in Naas, County Kildare.. This mill was originally built in 1790 to coincide with the opening of the "new" Naas branch of the Grand Canal and was run by the Odlum family for nearly 200 years, for the process and milling of various types of wheat and grain.

In the day, canals were the equivalent of our modern motorways and the Odlums Mills, together with the world famous Guinness brewery, had a very big part to play in their construction and use.
You see Guinness barrels didn't "travel well" on the existing rocky roads of 18th and 19th century, shaking up their contents to the point of spoil.

Transport via the calm canal ways was a far better option, improving the quality of the product and, as a result, increasing sales to the point that Guinness's became one of the largest breweries in the world.

The Leinster Mill also supplied Guinness with a supply of Hops and you could almost say it was a match made in heaven.

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