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"A Winters Chill"

New "A Winters Chill"

In March 2018 we experienced one of the heaviest snowfalls ever experienced in Ireland when Storm Emma hit our shores, it also produced this wonderful scene of the Ha'penny Bridge. I just loved the the warmth created by the three yellow street lights in the distance and how the famous pedestrian lights on the far side of the bridge glows red, as they do usually when you get to them.

Possibly my favourite thing about the Ha'penny Bridge is that it is one of the very few image that is not just a Dublin landmark but one that belongs to the whole country, it is an Irish landmark. It is a symbol of our beautiful and rich heritage and after over 200 years, it is still the most beautiful bridge that spans the River Liffey.

This scene also bring me back to my days living in Canada and I had to "re-learn" the techniques I use to use when painting my winter scenes in Ontario. Hope you like it.

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